Student Fees

Description of Levy

Levy Notes
Heads12.00Split evenly between the four residence heads for the year for their student programming and outings
Heads’ Bursaries3.00To provide up to $1500 in financial support for each Head with financial need (*note these funds are for not the current year but the next year)
Honoraria7.00Covers the lump sum honoraria payments to student leaders in major positions; $5 of the $7 dollars covers Heads’ honoraria
Backfield Maintenance1.50Goes towards preserving the backfield for students
Mental Health5.50$0.5 is the levy for the Mental Health Initiative (levied club), $5 goes towards paying for Trinity’s embedded counselor
Non-Residence Affairs Committee8.00Split evenly between the two Heads of Non-Residence for their student programming and outings
Rainbow Trinity1.00Rainbow Trinity’s (Pride Alliance) yearly levy
Salterrae6.00Levy for Trinity’s regular publication
SCCC10.00Student Capital Campaigns Committee levy – goes towards paying for student-led capital improvements to the College
World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Scholarship11.00Provides a scholarship for a refugee student to attend Trinity
Sober Patrol1.50Levy for Sober Patrol
Stephanos8.75Yearbook levy
Trinity College Athletics7.00Levy for Trinity College Athletics
Dramatic Society7.00The TCDS’s yearly levy
Environmental Society1.00The Environmental Society’s yearly levy
The Lit7.00The Literary Institute’s yearly levy
TCM General15.00Covers non-levied club spending, Trinity College Meeting spending, special high tables, other recurring events and expenses etc.
Volunteer Society2.00Levy for the Volunteer Society
Tickets Bursary1.00Provides tickets to Trin events to students with financial need
Trin Review4.50Art/poetry publication’s yearly levy
TOTAL119.75This should match what students see on ACORN