Trinity College Meeting

Trinity College’s highest body of student government is the Trinity College Meeting (TCM). The TCM is unique to Trinity as we are the only college in North America whose governance is conducted by direct democracy. It is a body of which all the College’s students are members, rather than an elected student council. Every student can bring forward motions, speak, and vote at the TCM. Show up to the meetings, participate, and your voice will matter.

To learn more about the TCM and how it works, visit the Student Governance page.

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@TCMchair: Aceel Hawa
@TCMsecretary: Emily Chu
@TCMtreasurer: Jessica Kristen Rapson


Constitution (April 2018)
Fiscal-Policy (April 2018)
Electoral-Policy (April 2018)
Roles and Responsibilities (February 2016)
Student Capital Campaigns Committee Strategic Plan (April 2018)

All relevant documents can be found in the Shared Governance Google Drive.

Meet Your Exec

TCM Chair: Aceel Hawa

Hi everyone, my name is Aceel and I have the absolute honour and pleasure of serving as the Chair of our student government this year. Practically speaking, being Chair of the TCM means being directly responsible for setting the social calendar for the year, accepting club mandates, reviewing and amending student government documents, funding student clubs, and holding our annual student elections. On a much more personal note though, this role affords me the opportunity to work alongside brilliant, likeminded characters and to make tangible, meaningful change to an aspect of Trinity life that I really care about (special shout out to the Student Capital Campaigns Committee). In my free time, I love spinning, playing volleyball, and watching exorbitant amounts of rom-coms. Feel free to reach out at any time! See you on Monday nights at the TCM!

Contact 647-893-8443

TCM Secretary: Emily Chu

Hey Trin! My name is Emily and I will be your TCM Secretary for the upcoming year! I am a third year student double majoring in International Relations and Political Science, with a minor in American Studies. As a primary manager of TCM minutes and archives, I am committed to ensuring TCM proceedings are as transparent and accessible to all through consistent updates on a variety of platforms. I want to provide Trinity with relevant knowledge concerning all constitutional issues, so they can feel empowered to make changes within their college. Please feel free to reach out to ask any governance or constitutional questions you may have, or even just to talk about Game of Thrones or Marvel movies…because I literally never shut up about them. Looking forward to a great year!

Contact: 289-795-4022

TCM Treasurer: Jessica Kristen Rapson

Hey Trinity! My name is Jessica and I’ll be your TCM Treasurer this year. I’m a fourth year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Philosophy. As your Treasurer, I’m responsible for managing reimbursements and budgets for student spending. Each semester you pay about $120 in Student Society Fees, meaning that we have over $300,00 that we, as students, can spend as we choose on events, clubs, and initiatives each year. The unique direct democracy structure of our student government means that every single student has a say in how we spend our money. So it’s very important that you come out to the TCM and vote! When I’m not managing student finances, I enjoy fencing, sailing, kickboxing, and Strachan-sitting. If you want to chat or have any questions about reimbursements, club budgets, and getting involved in Trinity student governance, don’t hesitate to message me or find me in Strachan. See you at the TCM!

Contact: 705-229-1535


Looking for clubs forms, auditing instructions or elections information? Check out the “TCM Files” menu at the bottom of the page!