Student Publications

Trinity has three student publications: the Salterrae, the Stephanos, and the Trinity University Review.

The Salterrae is the official undergraduate student life magazine for Trinity College. It features debate and discussion of relevant college policies, interviews with prominent alumni, and insightful pieces illuminating our college’s rich and varied history. Copies appear in print and online quarterly. All members of college may contribute to the Salterrae and any piece related to student life, whether witty or wise is encouraged to be submitted for review. Pitches and submissions are encouraged throughout the year.

Facebook | Issuu | Email | Editors: Anna Trikas, Sydney Bradshaw, Ethan Raymond

The Stephanos is Trinity’s yearbook. All students are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the Stephanos by submitting pictures to the club. The Stephanos is free for all students, as it is funded by student fees and can be picked up in Strachan at the end of the year.

Facebook |Editor-in-Chief: Heather Nichols

The Trinity Review is an annual publication of art, prose, and poetry. Throughout the year, the executive organizes events such as poetry readings and high tables, where students can mingle with fellows of the college and distinguished artists. The executive is comprised of one to three editors who are elected at the end of each academic year, as well as an editorial board of around five people. The publication is released in early April and is free, as it is funded by Trinity student fees. Committed to publishing talented young artists alongside established alumni and academics, the Trinity Review is a consistently dynamic and entertaining way of showcasing the many talents of the student body. It is one of three literary journals on campus. Submissions are open to all.

Facebook | Editors: Allegra Wiesenfeld, Emmy Fu