Clubs & Publications

Students at Trinity College are above all, encouraged to have fun with their co-curricular activities because of the University of Toronto’s rigorous academic expectations. Trinity offers a range of athletic, social and wellness clubs that allow any student to feel at home!

There are a number of ways students can get involved at Trinity College. Students have the opportunity of attending the Trinity Clubs Fair and the UTSU Clubs Fair at Orientation Week to learn more about what kinds of clubs and activities are available to them. Moreover, all clubs will post club and event information on Trin This Week, which is a weekly agenda of events that is available on the website, the 2T1 Facebook page and by email.

Students can get involved with levied clubs, but also have the opportunity of getting involved with many non-levied clubs. Students are also always encouraged to start their own clubs. Trinity is also home to three student publications and students can get involved with them either on a freelance basis or by joining their executive committees.

Of course, getting involved with student governance is extremely common at Trinity College. There are monthly Trinity College Meetings that allows every student to have a voice on governance matters as well as elections for levied club and student publication executive positions every March.


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