Saints’ Ball

The Saints’ Ball is a charity semi-formal run by the Trinity College Saints’ Committee every year in November. The Saints’ Charity Ball actually begins a month before the event with Saints’ Rush, a night that officially kicks off Saints’ season. The week leading up to the event also includes numerous festivities to get students in the spirit of the Ball.

SAINTS’ 2016
14692050_1823868197844900_2110069909031402111_oSaints’ this year is taking place on November 19th. Saints’ Kick Off will be November 3rd and Saints’s Week will be November 13th – 19th. This year’s Saints’ theme is Nightmare Before Saints.

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There are three ways you can get involved with the Saints’ Ball. You can be a Co-Chair, on the Executive team or assist as a volunteer in your free time.

Co-Chairs plan and coordinate the running of Saints’ Rush, Saints’ Week and of Saints’ itself. Saints’ Co-Chairs are elected positions. Students must prepare an extensive event proposal to present to the Trinity College Board of Stewards, Trinity College Finance Committee, and finally, the TCM. Elections take place at the end of the academic year in April for the following school year’s Saints’.

The Saints’ Executive assists in the execution of Saints’ Rush, Saints’ Week and of Saints’ itself. Executive positions can either be offered to students before Saints’ elections or they can be competed for after Saints elections through application. There are two first year positions held for incoming students. Keep an eye on the 2T0 Facebook page for more information on how to apply for these positions!

The execution of Saints’ is huge and help will always be needed to blow up balloons, tape up streamers, or paint cardboard. Reach out to the Decorations Coordinators if this seems like your type of thing!