Trinity College Meeting Agenda (9th)

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April 3, 2017 | 8pm | The Buttery

  1. Call to Order
  2. Reports
    1. Heads of College, Arts and NRA
    2. TCBS Chair
    3. Finance Committee Chair
  3. Fiscal Policy Amendments (2nd vote)
    1. Clarify wording of club funding clause: “organizations in their first calendar year of operation may not receive funding totalling more than $400” – Section III vi.
      Motioned: Liz Gross
      Seconded: Kendra Dempsey
    2. Add Section III vi: All clubs seeking funding from Finance Committee must report all sources of funding within their budget, including sources external to Trinity College and any that they plan to seek in the future. If external funding is received after the passing of their budget, the club must make Finance Committee aware of all of their sources of funding.
      Motioned: Liz Gross
      Seconded: Kendra Dempsey
    3. Add clause vii: Clubs may use a portion of their budget as honoraria or gifts for panelists/speakers in the form of charitable donations only with a ⅔ majority vote at Finance Committee
      Motioned: Liz Gross
      Seconded: Kendra Dempsey
    4. Add Clause III.viii: All clubs or groups that receive funding for inventoried items will be required to provide an update to the Finance Committee on the status of those items if requested, in order to receive funding for the upcoming year.
      Motioned: Liz Gross
      Seconded: Kendra Dempsey
  4. SCCC (2nd vote)
    1. Presentation from the SCCC Chair
    2. SCCC Proposals over $25,000 (requires two TCM votes to pass)
      1. Bike Storage – $32,800
      2. Abbott Room – $31,397
      3. Seamen and Rigby Room Renovations – $100,000 (diverted from previous year’s funds)
  5. Elections
    1. NRAC Events Coordinator
    2. Salterrae Treasurer
    3. 2nd Year Head of Non-Res (Male)
  6.  Levies (see Levy Suggestions document in the Drive)
  7. Honoraria
    1. HC Recommendations (see “Honoraria Recommendations” in Google Drive) + $1500 for each current Head of College, Head of Arts, and Head of Non-Resident Affairs
      Motioned: Julien Ferland
      Seconded: Sarah Harrison
  8.  CRO/DRO Report and Recommendations
  9. Motions
  10. Other Business