Trinity College Meeting Minutes (8th)

March 20, 2017 | 8pm | The Buttery

  1. Call to Order
  2. Reports
    1. Heads of College, Arts and NRA
      1. Head of College
        1. We have been replaced, and thank you so much for voting UTSU election.
        2. Trinity College have one of the highest turnout in the election
        3. Trin Goes To…ESCAPE GAMES! Go sign up
      2. Head of Art
        1. Reach out to the Student head if you have the any concern about the resident diversification.
        2. We are testing out the resident application system, should be up ASAP.
        3. Pay attention to Trin this life for floorplanning social floor
      3. Head of NRA
        1. Message Head of NRA for 5 buck lunch, Bubble soccer , contact the Head of NRA if you want to join.
        2. 100% Free BBQ in early Quard party
        3. NRA coffee is inside strahan available for all NRA students.  
    2. Finance Committee Chair
      1. TC Beats budget amendment passed
      2. All can be founded in google drive
      3. In the future, club mandate and contact information will be able on the Trin Life Website.
  3. Motions
    1. BIRT the President of Trinity College should acquire a Quad Couch immediately.
    2. Amendments to the TCDS Constitution (see document)
      1. Updating the Constitution to be gender neutral (also that our 2 first year representatives are no longer gendered roles as well)
        Motioned: Emily Shaw
        Seconded: Braden Kenny
      2. Making changes to play selection process
        Motioned: Emily Shaw
        Seconded: Braden Kenny
      3. Updating the description of the Publicist role (in the non-elected members section)
        Motioned: Emily Shaw
        Seconded: Braden Kenny
      4. Adding a new executive role of “Graphic Designer” to the non-elected member section.
        Motioned: Emily Shaw
        Seconded: Braden Kenny
      5. All amendments to the TCDS constitution passed
    3.  Fiscal Policy Amendments
      1. Clarify wording of club funding clause: “organizations in their first calendar year of operation may not receive funding more than $400” – Section III vi.
        Motioned: Liz Gross
        Seconded: Kendra Dempsey

        1. Victoria: How are you clarifying it?
        2. Liz: We are change first year to first calendar year to make the amendment more clear.
        3. Amendment Passed
      2.  Add Clause III vi: All clubs seeking funding from Finance Committee must report all sources of funding within their budget, including sources external to Trinity College and any that they plan to seek in the future. If external funding is received after the passing of their budget, the club must make Finance Committee aware of all of their sources of funding.
        Motioned: Liz Gross
        Seconded: Kendra Dempsey

        1. Avnee: So the club will need to notify you the external budget, will you do anything about?
        2. Liz Gross: We simply would like the club to notify us, currently there is not policy on limiting how they spend the external funding
        3. Amendment Passed  
      3.  Add clause vii: Clubs may use a portion of their budget as honoraria for   panelists/speakers in the  form of charitable donations only with a ⅔ majority vote at Finance Committee
        Motioned: Liz Gross
        Seconded: Kendra Dempsey

        1. Dario: Adding a friendly amendment ‘gift or donation’  on the motion.
        2. Amendment Passed
      4.  Add Clause III.vii: Any club that receives funding for inventoried items will be required to provide an update to the Finance Committee on the status of those items if requested, in order to receive funding for the upcoming year.
        Motioned: Liz Gross
        Seconded: Kendra Dempsey

        1. Nish: Adding a friendly amendment “All clubs and groups “ on the motion
        2. Amendment Passed
    4.  SCCC
      1. Presentation from the SCCC Chair
        1. SCCC Proposals under $25,000 (requires one TCM vote to pass)
          1. Club Storage Lockers – $11,060
            1. There will still be non-resident re storage space.
            2. We do not have specific proposal on how club could use the storage. If this proposal.
            3. We aim to take down locker that non-res do not use.
            4. Currently the space is non-gender
            5. It is better for each club have its own club storage space.
            6. Nish: Hopefully this will allow frosh week and Saint could reuse their items.
            7. Stanley: Why do we ask TCDS storage
            8. Leila: This is been a demand from many clubs.  
            9. There will be enough room to storage the bikes and the storage for clubs
            10. Proposal Passed
          2.  Steam Tunnels Mural – $2,000
            1. Would students be allowed to paint its own design?
            2. Leila: We like a unify design for all Steam Tunnels. We will also consult the student when the actual painting occur?
            3. Victoria: Have you talk to school administration?
            4. Leila: Yes, the school administration have review the proposal and think it is feasible.
            5. Proposal Passed
        2.  SCCC Proposals over $25,000 (requires two TCM votes to pass
          1. Bike Storage – $32,800
            1. How are you determining we have the access to the storage?
            2. Leila: We could suggest the administration on the access, but it really depends on the administration
            3. Dario: It is for non-rest and winter storage
            4. Leila: Yes
            5. Milton: Where does the money goes to if there is extra left.
            6. Leila: It will go back to the SCCC account.  
            7. Is the a price in using the service. Maybe charging the student for using the bike storage.
            8. Jaclyn: The original idea is that bike storage is free in the past. And the money will not go back to the SCCC account.
            9. Leila: We can recommend administration to do so.
            10. Dario: Maybe you can add bike tool in the basement.
            11. Jaclyn: It is definitely something we can consider.
            12. Victoria Do you think it is relative objection
            13. Jason: It is possible to use a local company, instead of UK company.
            14. Jaclyn: ryerson have the same facility and have the distribution center in Ontario.
            15. Aveen: I do not think that student should be charged for service.
            16. Leila: It is leave to the administration designed, but we would recommend this to the administration
            17. Nish: We should spend money to help non-res students
            18. Antony: It is a fee that we have already paid, so lets put it to good use.
            19. Member of College: There maybe a cheaper alternative.
            20. Antony: There is labour law and union law that increase the cost. This is also in a university setting and custom made.
            21. Antony: Called the Question – Passed
            22. Passed
          2.  Abbott Room – $31,397
            1. Leila: Abbott will become a wellness room and able to book.
            2. Avneet: How can we book the room for work?
            3. Leila: It would be going through the administration, instead having a specific student responsibility for the room.
            4. Dario: In the past, it have been a music practice room, so where will the practice room?
            5. Currently there are two practice room in sub-clerk, and are currently sound-proof equipment/   
            6. Avneet: Called the question
            7. Proposal Passed
          3.  Seamen and Rigby Room Renovations – $100,000 (diverted from previous year’s funds)
            1. Making a kitchen for a Non-resident Student
            2. Previous year’s funds is been passed 2 years ago.
            3. Ali: What do you mean that it has to match the characteristic of room.
            4. Leila:
            5. Thomas: The piano will remain in the Rigby, can be book by student for used.
            6. It is possible witching the room the nonres common room and the SGO? So that Seamen could be a place for nonres student.
            7. Anthony: I hope that SGO can be a part of the wider planning.
            8. Judy: I think it is better to see how it goes, and where to go next year.
            9. Dario: It is important to keep non-res common room and the Seamen together.
            10. Judy: It is up to the heads to decide how to use the SGO and the common room.  
            11. Call the question
            12. Passed
    5.  Motions
      1. BIRT the President of Trinity College should acquire a Quad Couch immediately and if the Quad Couch is not acquired by this weekend, they shall be publicly shamed. If this does not happen by this weekend, the TCM Chair shall write a letter to the President in alternating fonts on official TCM letterhead and posted publicly as well
      2. BIFRT the couch should preferably be leather (or pleather)
      3. Passed
    6.  Electoral policy Amendment
      1. Strike the indicated phrase from section 9.7 of the Electoral Policy
      2. 9.7 – Each candidate is permitted one scrutineer to be present for the ballot count. A candidate’s scrutineer for a given election may only be present for the counting of ballots for said election. Candidates may not be present. The list of students who participated in that day’s elections shall be made available to the scrutineers in order that they may compare the number of those students who have voted to the number of votes in the ballot box, as well as confirm with those marked as having voted as to whether or not they have actually voted. Scrutineers are not permitted to reveal the distribution of votes in the elections, except to the candidates. nor are the CRO/DRO and his or her assistants, except to declare which candidates have been elected.
      3. Passed
    7.  Other Business
      1. Antony: Quad party day, there will be be high table with wine, student will be getting email, about it.