Trinity College Meeting Minutes (7th)


February 27, 2017 | 8pm | The Buttery

  1. Call to Order 8:15pm
  2. Reports
    1. Heads of College, Arts and NRA
      1. Head of College: All the report items are on the heads report.
      2. Anthony: If any member of college is interested in the election, please read the EP.
      3. Anthony: Week 2 nomination will be up on the thursday after the Week One election.
      4. Thomas: Peer counsellors are hosting different events, remember to read all the poster
      5. Thomas: Resident Diversification will be implement the year after next year.    
      6. NRA: Commutator appreciation week. All students are welcome. There will be also info section on off-res housing.
      7. NRA: Every Tuesday, there will be refil of snacks in NRA common room    
    2. TCBS Chair
      1. Sarah: TCBS passed two mandate,Junior Arts Patrons, and UAAC, and Saints week proposal, Frosh Week Proposals
    3. Finance Committee Chair
      1. Liz: FC, passed both budgets of Saints, Frosh week, Junior Arts Patrons, and UAAC.
  3. Elections
    1. Ratification of Appointed Members to the Honoraria Committee (4)
      1. Anthony Marchese
      2. Julien Ferland
      3. Sarah Harrison
      4. Emma Bailey
        1. All Passed
    2. Honoraria Committee Members-at-Large (5)
      1. Avneet Sharma -Elected
      2. Thomas Prince Robson -Elected
      3. Jason Patrick -Elected
      4. Stanley Chia
      5. Accel – Elected
      6. Nadim Dabbous- Elected
    3. Saints Week Proposals
      1. Cirque du Saints
        1. Saints Co-chair talks about the Saints proposal and the Budgets
        2. The proposal and budgets are endorsed by TCBS and FC
        3. The details of the proposal and the budget is available on the google drive.  
        4. Proposal Passed
    4. Frosh Week Proposals
      1. A Trinematic Adventure
        1. Frosh Week Co-chair goes through the proposal and the Budgets
        2. The proposal and budgets are endorsed by TCBS and FC
          1. Milton Chow When is the sign up of frosh leaders
          2. We will put up application notification next week, for head frosh leaders, Frosh leaders, and other execs position.
  4. Electoral Policy Amendments
    1. Amend section 6.1 to read: “The link to an online nomination form shall be readily available and posted through all electronic media available to the Trinity College Student Government.”
      Motioned: Anthony Marchese
      Seconded: Julien Ferland
    2. Anthony: Simply making the election more modern and accessible.
    3. Remove section 6.4 and 6.8 to reflect the removal of paper nomination forms.
      Motioned: Anthony Marchese
      Seconded: Julien Ferland
    4. Amend section 8.8 to read: “Candidates for Head of College/Head of Arts/Head of NRA shall participate in a forum held under the auspices of the respective Heads in co-operation with the CRO of Trinity College.”
      Motioned: Anthony Marchese
      Seconded: Julien Ferland
    5. All electoral Policy – Passed
  5. Motions
    1. Leila Martin: SCCC is how accepting proposal.
  6.  Other Business
  7. Ajourné  –  8:58pm