Trinity College Meeting Minutes (6th)

January 30, 2017 | 8pm | The Buttery

  1. Call to Order – 8:14pm
  2. Reports
    1. Heads of College, Arts and NRA
      1. Head of College
        1. A written head report is upload to Facebook, TCM drive and TCM event page.
        2. $8000 for future co-chair orientation heads
        3. UTSU election is coming up, it is important members of college to participate.
        4. Updates on SGRT, New College director dropout. Contact Heads of College for more information.
        5. Income students will be charged the orientation week automatically. Making the orientation endorse by the college. It will be a part of the tuition regardless if the frosh attend.   
        6. Opt-out policy for international student will be up to the college administration, further information will be announce. Bursaries will also be able for apply.
        7. U decide campaign, 4 of the 7 UTSU director have publish a statement to support the U-Decide Campaign. Trinity College will play a central party in the Campaign
      2. Head of Arts
        1. Thanks to TCCSA and Victoria Lin in hosting the Chinese New Year High Table.
        2. Piano Policy, as long as you are qualified (level 8 or up) you will be able to play in the Ruby Room
      3. Trin goes to Blue Mountain, please send email/ facebook message to HoA to express your interest. The Transportation is covered. There will be SPA.  
      4. All information will be upload to TCM drive prior to the TCM
      5. NRA
        1. Walk to the US Consulate
        2. If student groups want to host movie night in the NRA common room. Please contact NRA for more information.
        3. Two week after reading week, there will be coffee and tea outside strahan hall. If more people come out, we will start long term planning. NR students will receive an email about this arrangement. Resident student should walk 2 more step to get coffee instead.
        4. There will be sign to stop people for other college to take coffee. You should also bring container for the college to achieve the green initiative.
    2. TCM Chair
    3. If you would like to change the constitution or FC  March 20, will be the deadline to proposal.
      1. Saints and Frosh Proposal please send proposal  Feb 5 sunday, to TCM secretary
      2. Heads Survey will be open this Monday to provide feedback to the Heads.
    4. TCBS Chair
      1. Two new clubs is formed.
      2. Election for the hour committee. 4 will be appointed to TCBS. Next TCM 5 member will be elected
    5. Finance Committee Chair
    6. Non-levied Clubs and levied clubs are passed.
    7. Minutes are now available. Please contact to FC chair to more information
    8. Motion externalized James Bond Society Budget
      1. Motioned by Alex McKeever
      2. Alex: External funding is not a long term solution.
        1. Alex: There is also a bias in the Finance Committee towards the JBS
        2. Alex: Attendance is high, reflecting a high demand. If the college would like to decrease spending alcohol and they are willing to work with heads.
      3. Lelia: How is $200 is gonna spend.
        1. Please refer to the Budget on the drive.
      4. Member of college: Is there a ban on James Bond Society on JCR.
        1. There is not a ban. We will continue to talk to the School administration to use the JCR
      5. Nish: How many member is attending your meeting?
        1. High hat 36 old members + 18 new members. There 36 is the members that join the first one and continue to attend the second one.
      6. Victoria: How many of the $200 is going towards to alcohol ?
        1. None of the money will be spend on alcohol with TCM money.
      7. Rachel  – Call the question
        1. Passed
        2. Budget – passed
    9. Motion to externalized Finer thing Club
      1. Avneet Sharma: The FC are not consistent. Even Movie night are well attended and well prepared, such as promote female lead. The budget is now on the google drive. Proposing three movie night, which will provide both alcohol and non-alcoholic option. Providing a fun and safe space.
      2. Nish: What is the number of attendance
        1. Avneet Sharma: Around 15-20.
      3. Member of College How to raise money for WIKI?
        1. Simply tell people to fund wiki during the event
      4. Victoria: What does finer club do?
        1. Avneet: Pop culture appreciation club, with a critical angle.  
      5. Chair of FC: Those minutes is a way to provide a transparency.
      6. Joudy Sarraj : How many execs in the club
        1. Avneet: 7 execs on the finance committee
      7. Anthony: Movie nights are too common across non-levied club budgets. The point of FC is to determining if it is good use of college money.  
      8. FC ask people to leave the room. The minute should reflect the actual discussion. The body does not reflect
      9. FC Chair: Welcome to contact the Chair of the FC as the minutes does not necessarily reflect the necessarily reflect. At the sametime, minutes can be challenges to take. But the secretary have try the best to reflect the actually meeting.
      10. Budget – Fails   
      11. Ben: The remark that TCM made is inappropriate, as the majority club vote to support the budgets.
      12. Chair: Apologize for the remark, but it is simply illustrate that the budget requires a ⅔ majority to pass.
    10. TCM Treasurer
      1. Treasures of the club should pick up their check.
      2. Money is being reserved for non-levied clubs that have not apply budget. It is also possible to come backing more budget.
      3. Equipment have to been accounted for year turnover.
    11. TCM Auditor, Deputy Auditor
      1. Rainbow Trin – Passes
      2. TCDS – Passes
  3. Elections
    1. Don’s Selection Committee (2)
      1. Olivia Arski & Ethan Raymond
      2. Val Steckle & Michael Johnston
      3. Shubhi Sahni & Braden Kenny
      4. Emma Bailey & Anthony Marchese – elected
  4. Motions
    1. Motion to change the starting time of all future TCMs in the 2016-17 school year from 8:00pm  to 7:00pm
      Motioned: Usman Malik
      Seconded: Ali Asrani
    2. Victoria: Why did the time is changed to 7:00pm.
    3. Chair: It is decided at the beginning of the year in the constitution of students.
    4. Erin Ross: There is class from 6-8, making it impossible for student to attend.
    5. Joudy Sarraj: To keep in mind for next semester, and email to all non-res student when the TCM should host. For example, when is TCM host at the beginning of the year.
    6. Anthony: Change the Time in the middle of the year will making the governance inconsistent, but the incoming TCM execs should consider the problem.
    7. Ali: Non-res student mostly come more the less developed sector of the society. It is important to have their input
    8. Antony: Call the question
    9. Motion Failed  
  5. Other Business
    1. Adjourned- 9:33pm