Trinity College Meeting Minutes (3rd)

November 14, 2016 | 8pm | The Buttery

  1. Call to Order – 8:28
  2. Equity Statement and Land Acknowledgement
  3. Reports – Finance Committee Chair
    1. The Finance Committee met on Oct 31.
    2. Levied-Club, TCDS levy increase, the updated budget was passed by the FC.
    3. Non-Levied budgets
      1. Fourth-year bar – passed
      2. Beyond Science Initiative – failed
      3. Cloud budget – failed
      4. Fashion Society – passed
      5. The Conversat proposal was passed with the endorsement of the FC
        1. With recommendations: Increase the non-trin guest price
        2. Beyond Science Initiative motion to pass the budget at the TCM Beyond Science Initiative was founded by members of Trinity. Funded by Trinity College, there are 700 members of global from different countries.  Having members outside trinity college is a great way to connect. Connect the students globally
          1. Nathan Chan: Since this club is a Ulife registered club, it is possible the club to receive outside funding?
          2. Yes, the BSI is a Ulife registered club. However, the club wish to remain a trinity college club since the outreach part of the club is only for members of Trinity College.
          3. There is also biotech companies offering scholarships to people attending the event.
          4. Alex Sapp: So if being registered with the Ulife and UTSU is a reason to refuse a club budget, why did IR society get funding.
          5. Liz Gross: The meeting was in-camera, it can not be disclosed under the current constitution
          6. Luis Lopez: What is the percentage of undergraduate members of the BSI is trinity member?
          7. 100% of the undergraduate members are trinity college student.
        3.  Budget Passed – $200 Dollars
    4. Notice of Election
  1. Due to one of the Head of Art(female), Chelsea Colwill has resigned from her position, according to the constitution, there is an election of a new HoA in this TCM.
  2. Motion to suspend the electoral policy, and not elected a replacement of HoA until the next election season.
    1. Motioned: Basil Southey
      1. Basil: It is irresponsible to hold an election with a 10-minutes notification, for such an important position.   
      2. Basil: Having a replacement head in the middle of the year make the student government hard to function.
      3. Basil: The role of a female HoA could be divided up among 5 heads and members of Whit, without an election of a HoA.  
    2. Stanley Chia: Are you favor in hosting the election next TCM? The motion on the table means that we will not have an election at all.
      1. Basil: The option right now, is either elected one now, or not to. I am not comfortable that a Head is being elected in the TCM without going through the whole electoral process.
    3. Alex Smith: Motion to Call the question – Failed
    4. Connor Campbell: Can we put forward a motion that postpones the election to the next TCM.
      1. Basil: Yes, but it will also need a unanimous vote from the TCM. Moving to the next TCM is still does not solve the problem.
      2. Judy: It is also not possible to have an ordinary election as if we go through the whole process, it will take until February to have the election result, which is extremely close to the new election season.  
    5. Alex Smith: It is true that it will take until February to have the election result.
      1. Adil Abdulla: According to the procedure, yes. But it is possible to expedite the process.
    6. Nish: A Statement was posted on sunday evening saying that we were hoping to serve the Trinity College as a team of six, and the Team did not know about the resignation until 1:30pm, and of a potential election until 8:10pm this evening.
    7. Basil: The official duties of the HoA will be divided among the heads, and other duties may be distributed people in Whitt, maybe a common room manager. It will also be an open process to decide how the duty is being spread.
    8. Stanley Chia: Motion to Call the Question – Passed
    9. Nish: Motion to vote by Hands
      1. Sam Krempel Point of Order: It is not allowed to put forward a motion when the question is being called.
      2. Motion by Hands – No in order
    10. Motion – Failed
  3. Motion to suspend the electoral policy, and elected a replacement for HoA, using the regular ballot electoral procedure before this semester.
    Motioned: Adil Abdulla



  1. Adil: Notification: It will give a notification to all members of college that are possible to run to run for the position.
  2. Adil: Democracy: The TCM sitting now does not represent the whole college, it is not fully democratic for the TCM tonight to elected a HoA that serves the whole college.
  3. Adil: Constitution: This is a constitutional loophole that was created last year.
  4. Nish: Amendment: that this motion is voted by hand. – Friendly Amendment.
    1. Sam Krempel Point of Order: it should not be tied to the motion itself.
  5. Nish: Motion to vote in Hand
    1. Nish: People have the right to know who is voting for the lack of democracy, and making the governing structure inaccessible.
    2. Rhiannon Langford: The reason why the TCM decide to buy the iclicker is to ensure that the private and the free will of people to elect. They should feel shame for what they vote for.
    3. Call the Question – Passed
    4. Luis Lopez: Point of Personal Privilege, I feel very unsafe that Nish is judging my mind, think what I do, is basically a hate crime. It unstable and unfair for a head to call someone does not support democracy based on not supporting the motion.
    5. Nish: It is an unfair comment and I apologize.  
    6. Motion – Passed
  6. Nathan Chan: I would recommend that EC meetup tonight discuss the election arrangement, it is best up the EC responsible for the arrangement.
  7. Lelia Martin: It is important to ask a question about this motion if you do not understand what the motion means.
  8. Stanley Chia: I support the motion as this could help us host our election progress.
  9. Anthony: Please support the motion so that a full election process could be held, including position paper, and heads forum.  
  10. Nathan: As much as I would like a HoA to be elected ASAP, it is important for the members to actually consider if they should run or not.
  11. Sam Krempel: Call the Question
  12. Motion – Failed
  • Nathan Chan: Motion moves this item to the last item on the Agenda.
    1. Jury Leung: Call the Question – Passed
    2. Motion – Passed
  • Reports
    1. Heads of College, Arts, and NRA
      1. Joint Heads Q&A
      2. Statement:
        1. Nish: Yesterday evening, a post was posted in Trin Heads Team, mentioning about the mediation between the heads, that we when through internal to the College  and external to the College mediation. The mediation was conducted by the Dean of Students at New College. The Dean is an administrative leader on campus and without bias.
        2. Nish: We agreed to external mediation because when the allegation was brought forward to us, we acknowledged the personal bias that comes from closely working with a person for the past two months. We will not be talking about the allegations. Yesterday, when we posted the statement on facebook, we assumed that the person who the allegations were being made against would remain on the heads team. Now as the head has stepped down, they are a student, not a head, and to talk about their actions would be the same as talking about your actions in front of the TCM. The person has the right to talk about that in person and defend themselves in front of a group of people. The person has been bullied into resigning before getting to speak to the TCM.
        3. Anthony: A number of heads received different allegation against a particular head. When we received that information, the current system in Trinity College is zero to one-hundred. We either do nothing or direct impeachment. We consulted not only the administration in Trinity College, as well as, dean’s and don’s office, and the decision to move it outside the Trinity College is due to the sensitivity and the privacy of the incident. Externalize the mediation process removes the tension and the bias. For the past two weeks, the heads team went through the mediation process and focus on how to move on as a team. The focus of the mediation is not on discipline, but on when is the best decision based on the third party advice on what can we do, and how can we best serve the trinity college community. On of the particular advice from the mediation was to release the statement we posted on facebook last night. I would like to apologize to all that been surprised by the statement, or the statement being a bit vague, but we understand that social media may not be the best forum to discuss the incident. Instead, it should be dealing within the TCM in order to explain ourselves.
        4. Judy: If there is any point that you feel confused, students are than welcome to talk us. The mediation process was extremely serious, and you are more than welcome to talk to us. It is also important to continue our duty as a head.
        5. Nish: It is important to ensure privacy even when people are asking for  validation. We stand by the decision we made. Fair notice is extremely important, which the statement on facebook aimed to achieve. The training we had in the beginning of the year is not enough to handle an incident like this.
        6. Thomas: By the end of this year, we hope to have a code of conduct that is particular for heads. As for now, there isn’t  a description what a head does, there isn’t a code of conduct telling heads how to behave. Head are only judged as normal students, the code of conduct. According to the code of conduct, there were nothing done it was wrong. We elected by you, to serve you, and you deserve people that uphold your values. Obviously, some people in this room, in this college, think their value are not being upheld. So hopefully, but the end of this year, we will have a more appropriate code of conduct just for heads. Which will get a better idea and a clear way to handle similar issues.
        7. Nish: At Trinity College, we have a high level of autonomy from the student administration and it is up to members of the college to decide what to do. When there is an allegation made towards a person that you work such closely with, there must be a bias. There must be a body for students to handle student issues. The body should not only come from the heads pool, social trin pool or the non-social trin pool but a wide range of student. We will be doing an internal consultation with students. We will be doing external consultation outside of the college, from different colleges. We want to hear for all students and a better way to run our student community.
        8. Judy: Don’t let what is happening in the TCM discourage you from getting involved at the College. We hope all of us can put aside whatever personal issues we have.      
      3. Q&A
        1. Sam: When did the mediation finished, who made the decision to post to post the facebook page. One day in advance is not enough for members of College to understand the incident if they want to put forward a motion of impeachment.  
          1. Basil: We finished the mediation on Wednesday. We made sure that all party involved agrees with the statement. Posting it one day in advance of TCM is just a coincident. If someone wants to put forward an impeachment, there maybe emergency TCM will be held.
          2. Sam: Did you anticipate a head will resign?
          3. Anthony: No, we just received the notification of resignation at 1:30 pm. We did know this process is gonna happen until we have a meeting with Jaclyn at 8:00pm
        2. Connor Campbell: Is there individual or group that force or bully the head into resigning?
          1. Nish: The fact that someone felt they had to resign before they had a chance to respond to allegations made against them is disappointing t. Hearsay and whisperings  is a kind of bullying.
          2. Connor Campbell: So to your knowledge, no staff, elected members, or leaders of student societies involve in that directly.
          3. Nish: I would rather not comment on that.
          4. Basil: This would not be an appropriate venue discuss what individuals have done in private or public.
          5. Thomas: It wasn’t us.   
          6. Basil: We can say he wasn’t us if that helps.
          7. Nish: I am not trying to protect anyone, but if anyone here has an issue with someone who is elected, or in charge of student body group in Trinity, bring it forward to Jaclyn, and Jaclyn can assistant you with confidential advice on how to handle such position.    
        3. Nathan Chan: Accountability and Transparency. This is the first time we heard about what the heads have to go through, I guess it is more than appreciated for the heads to release a statement on what they said here, not talking about the allegations, but the process.
          1. Basil: We just want to have this in TCM first, we can have a discussion with students that are concerned with the issue. We want students to be aware that we have been through an extensive mediation process. We can not give details to the allegation, as it will be unfair for the students we represent.
          2. Nathan Chan: It is important to reinsure the members of the college, that heads a team to trusted again.
          3. Nish: Our statement will be widely distributed in the form of minutes, and we are glad that we are currently not in camera to maintain transparency. We can make sure that all the details are in the minutes. We may also issue a statement, but we will have to talk to all parties involved before we do so. People talk about transparency, and we totally support that. But, when you are involved, you can’t be totally transparent, without violating the confidentiality, the privacy, So we will try our best, to make members of the college know what is happening, but there is only so much we can do without violating those tenets.
          4. Nathan Chan: It is matter of ensuring people trust the head. It is one thing that the minutes is publishing, but is another thing that the heads actually say something,    
          5. Basil: I do recognize that it was an extremely vague statement. It should have been noticing that the statement we put out, is on the recommendation of our external mediation, and they told us specifically to be as vague as possible. I realize that we have been too vague. We may specifically copy out this secession of the minutes and post that for everyone to be aware.
          6. Nish: That’s the reason why we wanted to have this forum.
        4. Jason Patrick: I am finding the hearsay really damaging. Is it possible for the heads team to release a statement prior to the mediation process?
          1. Nish: What I would say, is that legal counsel often advises against releasing statement before mediation. Because, if you release a statement prior to the mediation process, you take away from the integrity of the mediation process,And I stand by that decision.
        5. David Oliver: Who is responsible for telling the story during the mediation process?
          1. Anthony: Before the mediation, we have to get the mediator to agree to hear us, with the help of trinity college administration. During the mediation process, both sides of the story, including the statement  
          2. David Oliver: Is there a reason that statements from third parties that were involved were not taken during the mediation process.
          3. Nish: No official complaints were launched. So it is important to know, we cannot your story unless you go through the student code of conduct and make an official complaint about someone.
          4. Nish: If there was a heads code of conduct, there would be ways to take statements from other people. But as where we were, as no official complaint was made through the already existing Student code of conduct.
          5. David Oliver: Just to be clear, in the future, when there is a head’s code of conduct in place, there will be a way for the third party to submit during the mediation process?   
          6. Anthony: Yes, there will be when a head code of conduct is in place. Look at other colleges for example. We such allegation is made toward a student leader, there is a council. The council member could have a more private conversation, look at impeachment or the actual process of stepping down. Handling in a much quicker and much better way. But in trinity college, TCM is our council to handle something like that. In the future, we hope to handle, even minor issues, through a mediation process.
        6. Luis Lopez: When the mediation started, most of the members of college do not know about the mediation process. They won’t be able to put forward a statement about the incident happened. Do you see a problem of transparency here? There is a lack of third party involvement here.
          1. Nish: During the mediation, we were  not talking about facts of the incident that we did not observe ourselves -it is hard to distinguish between the facts and opinions of others. It is more about explaining the college climate. Only the things that have been written down are official, in the dean’s office and sober patrol, which is protected by the confidential protection.
          2. Anthony: The mediation process includes 5 heads giving their statement, and the head being alleged giving the statement.
        7. Alex Sapp: I was upset, how much I heard about the incident and that’s not okay.  But not a head coming up to explain the incident. There is the rumor, and frankly, people like to talk about it.
          1. Thomas: Trinity College does have a culture where people like to talk about things. This may due to the nature of resident. We as a group of people should reflect on this. The fact that very private detail became very public. As the head team, we have tried to talk as little as possible.
        8. Aliraza Asrani: Is there any crime involve in the incident.
          1. Basil: No crime occurred and no official complaint was made towards the dean of students.
        9. Stanley Chia: Call the question
        10. Anthony: Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
        11. Basil: I will be hosting office hour tomorrow from 1pm.
    2. TCBS Chair
      1. The TCBS endorses the 134th Conversazione.
  • Proposals
    1. 134th Conversazione: A Night at Trin’s Landing
      1. Jason Patrick: Will there be poison at the Pre-high table Cocktail to reflect the theme of the Conversat.
        1. No, there will not, and the Conversazione committee will suggest to the LIT not to do pursue the poison drink proposal
      2. Proposal – Passed
  • Constitutional Amendments
    1. BIRT the following changes be made regarding the Constitutional Review Committee. These changes would come into effect in September 2017.
      1. See attached document with highlighted changes (“Constitutional Amendments: CRC)
        Motioned: Nathan Chan
        Seconded: David Oliver
      2. Nathan Chan: CRC should not have the power to explain, as there is a system called ‘Challenge the Chair’, making the CRC the ‘Supreme Court of the TCM law’
      3. Nathan Chan: The second is changing a month to 30 days in the constitution.
      4. Motion – Passed
    1. Motions
      1. BIRT a letter be sent to the Office of the Dean of Students on behalf of the Trinity Student Body protesting the changes to the residence readmission guidelines
        Motioned: Nick Buhite
        Seconded: Ishani Ranjan
    1. Nick Buhite: It is unfair to cancel the 3.7 guarantee and not have a replacing standard for the academic  requirement.
    2. Stanley Chia: Introducing the current resident policy.
    3. Sam: The new system gives a great flexibility as dean office, the registrar office and the heads team is being involved and review everyone’s submitted application. Taking account all aspect of the student life not only academic achievements.
    4. Rory: Last year, I suffered from, personal and family reasons, therefore did not have a full course load. The new system gives for flexibility for being that is involved in trinity college to stay involved.
    5. Motion – Failed
    1. Notice of Election:
      1. Motion to suspend the electoral policy, and elected a replacement for HoA, using the regular ballot electoral procedure before this semester.
        1. Motioned by Sam  
    2. Motion to Adjourn – Passed
      1. Motioned – Luis Lopez
      2. Nathan : Point of Order:  If there possible to have an emergency TCM to change the electoral policies, before the next regular TCM.
      3. Chair: Explaining the role of the emergency.
      4. Adjourn 10:36