Trinity College Meeting Minutes (2nd)

October 17, 2016 | 8pm | The Buttery

  1. Call to Order – 8:17pm
  2. Equity Statement and Land Acknowledgement
  3. Reports
    1. President of Trinity College
      1. No report for this week
    2. Heads of College, Arts and NRA
      1. Heads of College
        1. UTSU referendum for  club funding starts today
        2. Met with Vice-provost of student life, contact Heads of College if there is any concern about the rally or would like to file a formal complaint
        3. Will talk about the SGSA later in the meeting
        4. The Trinity College Book Sale starts next week, raising funding for students
        5. For sexual Violence, talking to the provost next week. There is a draft of a new sexual violence policy, but it is not open to student’s head yet.
        6. Trinity College is not required to have one before January, just for U of T.
        7. Trinity College are not required to have one before January, just for U of T.
        8. There is an email for ASSU, it is a separate referendum
        9. For UTSU AGM, and the details for the proxy
      2. Heads of Arts
        1. Writing section was held last week
        2. Met with Vice-provost of student life. Please contact Heads of College if there is any concern about the free speech rally or would like to file a formal complaint
        3. Student space consultation happening, please talk to the Heads providing suggestions about the how to make this college more accessible to members of college
        4. 15 students attending the Opera which will be held soon
      3. Head of NRA
        1. Tomorrow 4pm in Buttery, there will be a meeting for NRA execs and volunteers for the NRA Halloween.
        2. Rural Society and Episkopositive will be partnering with NRA for decoration.
        3. In Nov, NRA will be heading to Hart House event
        4. In Dec, NRA goes to Christmas Market will be held
    3. External Governance
      1. Udecide campaign, Student can sign at the Porter Office
    4. Finance Committee Chair
      1. Elected a secretary
      2. Detail budget is available on Google Drive
      3. FC endorse the SGSA bylaws
    5. TCBS Chair
      1. Endorse the SGSA bylaws
      2. Mandate of CLOUD
        1. Questions
          1. Have been a Trinity Club for 4 years, fundraising for a project to improve living condition in third world countries.
          2. Members pay for their trip, and the money is used on a local project, hiring local workers, helping the community.
          3. $5000 for one house, normally one house is built for per project
          4. The project is open to all students U of T, but mostly trinity college students
          5. It is Ulife recognize just to participate in Club Fair
        2. Discussion
          1. Yes, CLOUD will be spending money on Pub Night in KA
        3. Mandate passed
    6. Equity Committee Chair
      1. Google form will be available to file Equity Complain
  4. Elections
    1. TCES Treasurer
      1. Jane – Elected
    2. Electoral Committee Members (3)
      1. Maddy Torrie – Elected
      2. Sarah Harrison – Elected
      3. Rhiannon Langford
      4. Julien Ferland – Elected
    1. SCCC Proposals
      1. Presentation from the SCCC Chair
        1. Introduction to the role of SCC
        2. Accepting proposals for November meeting
      2. Vote on JCR Accessible Entrance ($24,999)
        1. The only room that does not require school administration to approve
        2. The College also will provide $25,000
        3. The goal is to finish before the Christmas Holiday
      3. Passed
  5. Motions
    1. The Trinity College Meeting endorses the bylaws of the St. George Student’s Association (SGSA)
      Motioned: Anthony Marchese
      Seconded: Nish Chankar
    2. The SGSA will be set up in the next 6 months.
  6. Other Business
    1. Motion to adjourn
      1. Passed, adjourned at 9:12 pm