Trinity College Meeting Agenda (1st)

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September 26, 2016 | 8pm | The Buttery

  1. Call to Order
  2. Equity Statement and Land Acknowledgement
  3. Reports
    1. President of Trinity College
    2. Heads of College, Arts and NRA
    3. External Governance
      1. Motion to endorse the UDecide campaign
    4. TCM Treasurer
    5. Finance Committee Chair
    6. TCBS Chair
    7. TCM Auditors
      1. Audits passed: TCLI (Winter/Summer)
        TCDS (SummeR)
        Salterrae (Winter)
        SHAA (Winter)
        TCVS (Winter)
  4. Call for Conversat Proposals
  5. Fiscal Policy Amendments
  6. Elections:
    1. Tech Curator (2)
    2. Third Year Head (Male, Residence) (1)
    3. SCCC Members at Large (3)
    4. SCCC First Year Members (2)
    5. EQC Non-Res Members (2)
    6. EQC First Year Members (2)
    7. EQC Members at Large (4)
    8. Ratification of CRC Appointed Members (2)
      1. Sarah Harrison
      2. Dario Toman
  7. Motions
    1. BIRT The TCM Chair write a letter to the Office of the Dean of Students expressing support for subscribing to 10 copies of the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star each weekday.
      Motioned: Aliraza Asrani

      Seconded: Basil Southey
    2. BIRT The TCM shall overrule the TCBS decision of failing Trinity College James Bond Society (TCJBS) mandate.
      1. BIFRT the TCM vote immediately to approve TCJBS mandate.
        Motioned: Dario Toman
        Seconded: Alex McKeever
  8. Other Business