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Aceel Hawa, Emily Chu, Jessica Kristen Rapson (TCM Exec): Thursdays 9-11 am in Strachan Hall




The Honoraria Committee, a standing committee of the TCM, is seeking feedback and advice on the performance of those that receive honoraria, in order to better inform us in making our recommendations to Finance Committee and the TCM. While ultimately the honoraria suggestions go to the TCM to be approved, we have received requests to give input on honoraria committee and are going to accommodate this.

When giving your feedback, it is important to consider the roles and responsibilities described in the Roles and Responsibilities document. This document can be found at goo.gl/4CASf9

I must stress that you need to keep your personal feelings about this person aside from your considerations on their fulfillment of their role. We will not be taking any sort of personal feelings into consideration while deciding on honoraria. Please provide your thoughts on if the person occupying their role has fulfilled the requirements of their role as outlined in the Roles and Responsibilities document.

The Positions that receive honoraria are as follows:

  • Heads of College
  • Heads of Arts
  • Heads of Non Residence Affairs
  • TCM Chair
  • TCM Treasurer
  • TCM Secretary
  • TCM Auditor
  • TCM Deputy Auditor
  • TCM Tech Curator
  • TCM Webmaster
  • Chief Returning Officer
  • Deputy Returning Officer
  • Sober Patrol Co-Captains
  • Frosh Week Co-Chairs
  • Saints Charity Ball Co-Chairs
  • Conversazione Ball Co-Chairs

Please direct your feedback to either Amanda Cutinha (amanda.cutinha@mail.utoronto.ca) or Thomas Robson (thomas.robson@mail.utoronto.com) – these emails will be kept secure.

Furthermore, if you would like to attend Honoraria Committee in person, you may do so (as you may for any standing committee of the TCM) though you will not have voting rights.

The Honoraria Committee meeting will be held this coming Friday, March 9th at 10:00am in the Adams Room.