Welcome to Trin Life

Serving as Trinity’s online social hub, this website will provide you with everything you need to know about student life. Whether it’s meeting your Student Heads, locating commuter resources, or learning how to start a club, we’ve got you covered.

@TCMSecretary for inquiries regarding the TCM and to put forward motions.
@HeadsofArts for any questions about student life or even just to chat.
@HeadsofCollege for any questions regarding U of T wide events or just to chat.
@Webmaster for any inquiries regarding the website.

Melinda Seaman Hall
44 Devonshire Place, St. Hilda’s College
Toronto, ON M5S 2E2

OFFICE HOURS (Student Government Office)
Bardia Monavari, Head of College -> TBA
Victoria Lin, Head of College -> TBA
Julianne de Gara, Head of Arts -> Fridays 2pm
Lukas Weese, Head of Arts -> Wednesdays at 11am
Katrina Li, Head of Non-Resident Affairs -> TBA
Mitch Nader, Head of Non-Resident Affairs -> Mondays 1:10pm

Leila Martin, Aceel Hawa, Tyler Rogerson, TCM Exec -> Thursdays 9-11 am in Strachan Hall



The Equity Committee Survey is located here.

The letter sent by the Chair of the TCM to the Board of Trustees can be found here.